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This page is no longer being updated. From BlueMind 4.8, please refer to the new BlueMind documentation

To speed up the resolution of your issue, please take some time to check the following sections of our documentation to make sure that the solution isn't already known and documented.

Haven't found what you are looking for in any of these pages?

Before you request help from BlueMind support, make sure you have the required information at hand to help us resolve your query as quickly and effectively as possible:

  • Subscription number, if you have one.
  • Project Name: client name or support partner name. You will have to select your project when you create the ticket – the "BlueMind" project does not entail any ticket processing or resolution requirement by BlueMind.
  • Environment Details:
    • Exact BlueMind version number
    • Operating system and OS version number
    • Any other relevant detail (disk space, memory, etc.)
  • The ticket's priority level must be assessed accurately:
    • Blocking: the production server is down
    • Critical: key functionalities of the collaborative email solution isn't working and there is no workaround
    • Major: a key functionality of the collaborative email solution isn't working BUT there is a workaround OR a non-key functionality isn't working
    • Minor: any other query.
  • Gather as many details about the issue as well as the conditions under which it occurs.
    For our support team to understand, investigate and reproduce the issue in their environment, you must describe the context and the actions that lead to it in as much detail as possible: user(s) concerned, buttons or hyperlinks clicked, text entered, waiting times, occurrence frequency, etc.
  • Get the relevant log files:
    • go to this page Logs to help you identify log files
    • go to the Troubleshooting pages about related subjects.

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