This page is no longer being updated. From BlueMind 4.8, please refer to the new BlueMind documentation


An experimental BlueMind feature allows users to view several calendars on their smartphones.

This feature is to be used with caution: some known malfunctions haven't been resolved at this time. See below.

In BlueMind 4, this only applies to the user's own calendars (default calendar and secondary personal calendars): calendars shared with the user, domain calendars or other users' calendars cannot be viewed on smartphones.

Server-side implementation

Configure this feature by creating a system file.

# touch /root/eas.multical

Restart EAS service:

# service bm-eas restart

How it works

For shared calendars to be displayed, users must first subscribe to them in BlueMind, in Parameters > Calendar > Subscriptions.

Known limitations

Android: Google Calendar

On Android, all shared calendars are shown in the same color, which makes it impossible to tell different calendars apart.

Solution: Install a third-party app which lets users choose different colors for different calendars.

E.g. this which has been tried and verified by BlueMind:

Samsung: SPlanner

In Samsung's SPlanner app, all shared calendars merged into the user's calendar.

Solution: Install and use Android's default app Google Calendar.

Note: In some devices/versions, events from secondary calendars are not shown at all in the SPlanner app

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