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BlueMind has implemented the ActiveSync protocol, a Microsoft-led protocol that has become standard de facto and is used by most smartphones (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone).

As a result, BlueMind should be compatible with all recent smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry since version 10). However, on some devices (in particular those running on Android), because of extra sublayers added by phone manufacturers and operators, some issues may exist. BlueMind corrects them as soon as the are detected and analysed.

The Compatibility page lists all devices validated with the BlueMind solution as well as known issues on other devices. This list changes often, therefore we suggest that you view it regularly.

ActiveSync is the preferred synchronization mode as it synchronizes messages as well as contacts and calendars while IMAP only allows access to messages.

ActiveSync synchronization is compatible with smartphone Email/Gmail (default Android mail application depending on models and versions) and Mail (iPhone) apps. We recommend that you use these.

In particular, we advise you against using Outlook for smartphones because the message flow from BlueMind to this app goes through Microsoft's servers. Technically, we are unable to guarantee that it will work properly with our Exchange ActiveSync server.

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