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From 4.5.3, BlueMind can be connected to a StarLeaf server so that users can easily create video-conferences and link them to their calendar meetings. 

On this page:


Organizing Meetings


To provision this new feature, you must install the related plugin by installing the packets below on the server and then restarting BlueMind:

Debian/Ubuntu Redhat/CentOS


Configuring the server

 a resource named "StarLeaf" is created and shown in the directory. This resource will let users create video-conferences automatically. To find out more, please refer to paragraph 4. Access privileges

By default, the resource isn't shared, users cannot link video-conferences.

Unlinking a StarLeaf installation

To unlink a Stafleaf server from the domain:

  • in the Admin Console, go to System Management > Manage Domains > select the domain > Video Conferencing tab
  • click "Delete StarLeaf configuration"

  • confirm when prompted

    There is no need to click "Save" at the bottom of the page, the request is effective as soon as it is confirmed.

 The linked resource is deleted and related shares are cleared, it no longer appears in the "Entities" section and users are no longer able to book it.

Content template

The content template is configured in the StarLeaf server.

Access privileges

This feature is accessed through the StarLeaf resource created during server configuration:

This resource is managed just like any other resource – share privileges enable you to manage booking privileges and therefore the ability to generate video-conference links. As a result, you must grant the desired users or groups the right to book the resource so that they can create video-conferences for their events:

As a resource, StarLeaf can be assigned working hours and a booking policy. The videoconferencing link created for the meeting being unique, these will not affect the video-conference which will be available regardless.

A button is then available in the event creation window for users who have been given the required privileges:

To find out more about how this feature works, please refer to our user's guide page: Linking a Video-Conference to an Event.

Mobile devices and third-party software

Third-party software such as Outlook or mobile applications do not show the "Add video conference" button, but users can still book a video-conference by inviting the resource to an event just like for any other resource.

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