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With BlueMind 4.0, synchronizing with Outlook no longer requires a connector for you to be able to access BlueMind features in Outlook. You can now use all Outlook features while using BlueMind mail.

Installation requires 3 steps – the first two must be performed by an administrator:

  1. Server-side installation
  2. Configuration of the Windows workstation to connect it to the server
  3. Creation of an account in Outlook

Just like for earlier versions of BlueMind, using Outlook requires subscription. Please contact our sales teams to get a trial subscription.

On this page:

Implementing MAPI for Outlook

Connector-free, MAPI-based Outlook doesn't enable the use of the linked attachments feature is inherent to BlueMind and currently requires the Outlook connector.


  1. Versions:
    • BlueMind 4.0 with a subscription
    • Client workstation:
      • Up-to-date Windows 10 
      • Up-to-date Outlook 2013 (or above) 
  2. External and autodiscover urls must be available from the workstation via HTTPS: when entered into a browser, they must bring up the BlueMind login page.

Configuring Outlook

  • Open Outlook
  • Create a new Outlook profile: the account must not be added to an existing profile
  • Add a new Email account

    Do not choose manual configuration

  • Enter the user's email address and password:
  • After a few moments, Outlook announces that the account has been successfully configured:
  • Check "Change account settings" and click "Next"
  • Check "Use Cached Exchange Mode" and slide the cursor to the right all the way to "All":
  • Click "Finish"

You're all set! Your Outlook account now natively communicates with BlueMind!

Shared mailboxes

Version 4.3 of BlueMind has a mail subscription feature that works the same way as shared calendars and shared address books. This means that you can display shared mailboxes in Outlook with MAPI. 

To do this, just log into your BlueMind account and go to your account settings page > Mail section > Subscriptions tab.

For more details about subscriptions, please go to:

Shared user mailboxes

Access to user mailboxes is not available in public folders in the same way as for shared mailboxes.

Pour faire apparaitre une boîte d'utilisateur dans Outlook, se rendre dans les Paramètres du compte > onglet "Fichiers de données" > "Paramètres" > onglet "Avancé" :

To make a user box appear in Outlook, go to Account Settings > Data Files tab > Settings > Advanced tab:

Known Issues

Error when creating an account because of a wrong saved password

Issue/symptoms: Outlook doesn't let you create an account when you enter a password – Outlook says that the password is wrong. 

Cause: the user has saved a wrong password for this account during a previous attempt to create an account.

Troubleshooting Checks: in the server's log file /var/log/nginx/access.log, you will find lines such as: - - [06/May/2019:16:57:53 +0200] "POST /autodiscover/autodiscover.xml HTTP/1.1" 401 0 "-" "Microsoft Office/16.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Microsoft Outlook 16.0.11601; Pro)"

or - tom@bm.lan [06/May/2019:16:58:31 +0200] "POST /mapi/nspi/?MailboxId=94a5c596-90a8-4985-91fd-57629ee06561@bm.lan HTTP/1.1" 200 149 "-" "Microsoft Office/16.0(Windows NT 10.0; Microsoft Outlook 16.0.11601; Pro)"

This means that a wrong password for tom@bm.lan is being submitted during account creation.


To remove the wrong password:

  • make sure that Outlook and the account creation window are closed.
  • open the Credential Manager by typing Windows + R
  • then "control /name Microsoft.CredentialManager" in the run box:
  • click OK (or type <Enter>)
  • delete entries such as autodiscover.domaine.tld  and MicrosoftOffice16_SSPI:utilisateur@domaine.tld
    E.g. to delete the password for tom@bm.lan:

Shared mailboxes aren't shown in the list of user folders

Mailshares are shown in the "Public folders" section.

Public folders can be found by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the Outlook navigation pane:

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