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This page is no longer being updated. From BlueMind 4.8, please refer to the new BlueMind documentation


Syncing Outlook with BlueMind 4.0 no longer requires a connector to be installed on client workstations. However, a few operations must be performed on the server to allow the network's Outlook software to connect to BlueMind.

The MAPI in 4 functionality is in production with many customers. However, it is still in a reliability phase. It is deactivated by default. We therefore invite you to get in touch with your usual contact person or to contact us to define in which framework this functionality can be activated for your installation or project.

Security Warning

We recommend that you work on virtual machines and use snapshots so that you can go back in case of an error.


As communication protocols vary, BlueMind only supports versions of Outlook for Windows.

BlueMind is unable to guarantee compatibility with Outlook for MacOS versions.

Inbox sub-folders

In versions 4.0.x of BlueMind (4.0.x), folders created under the Inbox by Outlook are not mail folders but virtual folders.

BlueMind 4.1 provides supports for inbox subfolders.

Update from 4.0.x to 4.x

Warning: when you update from BlueMind 4.0.x to 4.x, virtual folders are not migrated and will be deleted.

To prevent this, you can move virtual folders outside the inbox before migrating in order to save them.

Attachments to calendar events

In addition to the BlueMind Calendar application, version 4.1 allows you to attach files to diary events from Outlook.


  1. Having BlueMind version 4.0 installed
  2. You must be able to access the following BlueMind addresses via HTTPS from client workstations:

    Outlook in MAPI mode cannot run without a properly configured autodiscover. At startup, the MAPI service checks that the autodiscover is configured for the domain or at least one of its aliases; if not, the MAPI service does not start.

    To make sure that the server is configured properly and accessible, you can use Microsoft's online diagnostic tool:

  3. When accessing these addresses from a browser, no security warnings regarding the ssl certificate should be displayed.


Quick implementation of an evaluation environment

Find out who you can quickly set up an evaluation environment in our blog article: BM 4.0 beta + Outlook: step by step

Everything must be installed before you create the users who will be using Outlook:

Then, please refer to the following page to configure the workstations for Outlook: Syncing with Outlook

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