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This documentation describes the DR used to rebuild a BlueMind architecture from a backup. Server restoration can take a very long time and should only be used as a last resort.


  1. re-install the BlueMind architecture - all servers - exactly as it was:
    • same IP addresses
    • same external URL 
    • same BlueMind version
  2. run the BlueMind setup wizard
  3. make the BlueMind backup data accessible for reading and writing in the file /var/backups/bluemind from all BlueMind nodes.


On each BlueMind node, run the following command:


The tool lists out the backups available so that you can pick the ones you want to restore.

Choose the same backup on all BlueMind nodes.

The PRA is complete when the command has run successfully on all the nodes of the BlueMind architecture.


  1. If you have a subscription, please reinstall it as described in the installation guide: Setting up subscriptions
  2. Log into the admin console as admin0@global.virt then:
    • Go to Security > Manage firewall > click "Save"
      This force-regenerates BlueMind firewall rules 
    • Go to System Management >Manage Messaging System > click "Execute" 
      This regenerates the postfix mail routing tables 
    • Go to Security > Modify Certificate and reinstall the SSL certificate
      Note: the certificate, its private key as well as CA certificates are available in the file /etc/ssl/certs/bm_cert.pem on the BlueMind server.
  3. Reinstall any required plugins (LDAP/AD import...).
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