This page is no longer being updated. From BlueMind 4.8, please refer to the new BlueMind documentation


From BlueMind version 4.4, you can install the new BlueMind mail client for your users to try the Beta version.

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BlueMind Mail


The BlueMind mail client isn't installed by default. Two dedicated packages have to be installed:

Debian/Ubuntu RedHat/CentOS

The core service has to be restarted:

service bm-core restart

Warning, this operation momentarily suspends access to BlueMind and may log users out – and they may lose work in progress. The service must therefore be restarted at a time when users will not be impacted.


Access to the Beta webmail is ruled by a role – it can be granted to all users or some of them only through user or group role administration.

Once the dedicated packages have been installed, a new role is available in the Mail section:

By selecting either this new role or "Access to classic webmail", you can force users to use one client or the other or let them choose by enabling both.

When you enable both, users will a new button in their interface where they can switch from one to the other:

Users can also switch between clients in the Mail section of their preferences:

In case a user were unable to switch back to the classic webmail, you can disable it by disabling the role – when the user logs in again, they will be automatically redirected to the classic webmail application.

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  1. Bonjour,

    contrairement à ce qui est écrit, en version 4.4, un utilisateurs (membre du groupe 'user') n'a accès au nouveau webmail que si le rôle 'Accès au webmail classique est également sélectionné'.

    Si seul le rôle 'Accès au nouveau webmail (Beta)' est sélectionné, c'est le webmail classique qui s'affiche et le bouton 'Essayer le nouveau webmail' n'est pas présent dans les préférences de messagerie.