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  • : this area offers you a series of message action buttons: send, cancel, attach, add signature and save.
  •  : this area allows you to access your contacts and add them as message recipients (primary recipient, copy, or blind copy)
  •  : this area shows the address and subject boxes.
    • In this area, you can select the identity you want to use to send the message.
    • Recipient boxes – click Cc or Bcc to display the appropriate box – can be filled in from the contacts in  or directly by typing into them. Autocomplete suggests matching contacts.
  •  : message composition area.
    • A tool bar allows you to format the message.
    • On the right hand side is where you can work with attachments: click "Attach a file" or drag-drop an attachment into the message.
    • The options button at the bottom of the compose box gives you access to more message settings.

Message recipients

  • The "To" box, allows you to enter the primary message recipient(s).

  • Two links allow you to add more recipients:  and 

    • Cc: recipients the message is copied to ("Carbon copy")

    • Bcc: recipients the message is copied to but whose name/address is concealed from others ("Blind carbon copy")

  • 2 other links allow you to add special fields:
    • Reply-To: enter one or several addresses that will be used when the message's recipient uses the "Reply" button. 
    • Follow-up To: enter one or several addresses that will be used when the message's recipient uses the "Reply all" button


Based on the first characters you type, the recipient fields suggest results by searching your address books and the directory.


To add attachments:

  • Click the  button which opens a file browser.

  • Drag one or several files from the file browser and drop it into the right hand side of the composition window.

To delete an attachment:

  • Click the  icon corresponding to the attachment you want to delete.


The  button at the bottom of the page allows you to open an advanced settings dialog box which allows you to:

  • Choose the edition mode: by default, messages are edited in HTML and formatted. To use an unformatted edition mode, select "plain text". 

  • Modify message priority status.

  • Request a read receipt (when the recipient opens the message and if they accept the read receipt request).

  • Request a delivery status receipt (the recipient's server has received the message).

  • Choose a different folder from the "Sent messages" folder to keep a copy of the message sent.

Saving messages

  • Messages that are being written are automatically saved at regular intervals.

  • To force-save a message you are writing, click  "Save this draft".
    The message is then saved into the "Drafts" folder.

  • The  "Insert signature" button allows you to add the signature related to the identity you are using to the message.

  • The "From" field – for the recipient – is pre-filled with your default identity.
    You can select another identity if you like.

Sending messages

Click  in the top left corner of the composition window.

Corporate signatures


When you add recipients in the "To" box, if corporate signatures have been configured and match the message's senders and recipients criteria, a warning message will pop up telling you about the signature that will be added:

This allows you to control which signature is used in the event that several matching signatures have been configured (if you belong to several groups, for instance, or if a temporary event signature is active).

Signature placement

By default, the signature is added at the very end of the message. Some settings allow you to modify this as appropriate.

If the signature's manager has enabled the option allowing users to place the signature, the string "--X-BM-SIGNATURE–" is shown where the signature will appear. This is particularly useful when you're replying to a thread of messages:

You can therefore move the signature simply by moving this string with:

  • select/move
  • or cut/paste
  • or delete/write again.

In order to streamline conversations with multiple replies, previous instances of the signature in the message thread will be deleted automatically by the system.

Note that this option is not the default behaviour, it must therefore be enabled by the administrator.

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