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This page describes the procedure to follow in the following cases:

  1. The contents of a user's mailbox must be restored and Single-user restoration using DataProtect has failed.
  2. You want to restore the contents of a user's mailbox into another user's mailbox.

BlueMind provides a couple of shell and python scripts to help you with restoring data from a user mailbox backup.

On this page:


Backing up and Restoring Data


To be able to use these scripts, the Python Client must be installed on the machine.

Useful files


The script will restore user data from the backup directory into a user's or another user's mailbox, as required, into a sub-folder named restored_<timestamp>.

To start it:

  • USER|MAILSHARE: to restore a user use the keyword USER, to restore a shared mailbox use the keyword MAILSHARE
  • BACKUP_PATH: path to the data in the BlueMind backup directory (/var/backups). The path looks like:

    User Mailshare
  • USER|MAILSHARE: as for first keyword, indicates the target mailbox type
  • EMAIL_ADDRESS: email address for the target mailbox you want to restore the data into

Then, you have 4 possibilities:

User > User User > Mailshare Mailshare > User Mailshare > Mailshare
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