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Discover the very latest edition of BlueMind version 3.5, the result of two years' work!

BlueMind 3.5 incorporates a completely overhauled engine and several new functional features.

Technical upgrades include:

  • Redesigned APIs and data model
  • Add-on-based UI extensibility
  • Role management: rights can be delegated/assigned to users (access privileges/management of functional component parts)
  • New synchronization principles for web-based apps
  • More calendar features through a new management model
  • Use of latest web browser features
  • Optimized performance and system resources

This page describes the features that are currently up and running.

Direct link to BlueMind 3.5 download:

For specific updates, please refer to version notes for more detailed information and corrections made.

Corporate Signatures 

BlueMind version 3.5.8 allows you to add a new application to BlueMind: Corporate signatures.

You can set up as many signatures as you like for messages sent within or outside the domain, for a group of users or all users, for a specific period, etc.

You can customize signatures based on the same design to include names, addresses, phone numbers or other data extracted from senders contact cards.

The application also allows you add a disclaimer to outgoing messages.

With version 3.5.12, in addition to being informed of the existence of a signature, a preview of the signature is shown in the message.

Default alerts 

Default alerts are now enabled and can be configured according to your preferences.

External Users

With BlueMind 3.5.10, you can have users with an email address outside the domain. These users can be added to BlueMind groups, which means that you can write to a group of both internal and external people.

To find out more, go to the administrator's guide: External Users



In order to level up with other market players and bring new possibilities to our users, BlueMind 3.5 calendar features have been redesigned. Please find out more about them in the dedicated page: Calendar - Meeting management

New Calendar features include:

  • Being able to specify different participation statuses for each instance of a recurring meeting. I.e., participants can confirm their assistance for the whole series and, if necessary, specify that they will not attend a particular instance.
  • Event organizers, who are now participants in all their events and meetings, have better control over the meeting and centralizes participation statuses. Other participants can check others' participants' status through the organizer's event view.
  • Each participant now has a customized view of a meeting, which means they can edit it (customized title, description, location, etc.) without changes being seen by other participants.

Domain calendars

Domain calendars are no longer considered as physical entities like users and resources. They are now considered as calendars whose purpose is to inform users.

As a result, domain calendars can no longer be set as event organizers or be invited to events, as used to be the case with BlueMind 3.0.

To find out more about domain calendars, how to use them and new practices, please go to the user's guide page Calendar - Meeting management, and in particular the paragraph about Domain calendars.

Overbooking and automatic resource booking

BlueMind 3.5.5 brings a long-awaited feature: auto-accept or reject resource bookings.

Thanks to this, although resource managers will continue to be alerted about resource bookings, they will no longer have to accept or reject requests through the resource's calendar. If a resource is available, its participation is automatically confirmed, if not, it is rejected. The resource manager can still arbitrate and edit bookings as necessary.

This feature is optional and BlueMind's earlier resource management method can be kept.

To find out more, go to the dedicated page Resource administration

Multiple Calendars

BlueMind users can now create and own as many personal calendars as they like. This means they can sort and share events more efficiently.

In addition, users can choose which calendars will be used to show their availability:

External Calendars

BlueMind 3.5 makes it possible to synchronize external calendars for viewing through a calendar's url in iCal format (.ics file extension).

External Sharing

The BlueMind calendar can now be shared externally through a public address or a private address that allows private events to be viewed.

For more details about this feature, go to Sharing Calendars

Custom calendar colors

With BlueMind 3.5, you can set calendar colors which are saved for future sessions.

To find out more, go to the section: calendar colors.

Object history

You can now view events, contacts, or tasks creation and modification history.

OS Support

BlueMind now supports RedHat 7, Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) and Debian 9 (Stretch).

Find out more about all supported OS in the Installation prerequisites.

Navigation bar

A brand new top navigation bar makes is easier to move around BlueMind and access applications and features:


Large files and linked attachments

BlueMind v.3.5 introduces the possibility to detach attachments from messages and show them as download links instead. This makes messages lighter, thereby alleviating servers and communication networks: files are no longer sent within email messages and stored on the incoming server in addition to the outgoing server and being duplicated and multiplied as messages are forwarded and replied to.

To find out more about how this works, please go to: Large files and linked attachments

For more details about implementing this feature, go to the administrator's guide's page: Post-installation configuration

Connecting with Nextcloud

To complement the linked attachments feature, BlueMind 3.5.7 offers the possibility to connect Nextcloud accounts so that you can use your Nextcloud space:

File chooser

The file chooser enables you to browse previously sent files which are stored in the user's area:

Auto-forward to several recipients

BlueMind now enables you to forward a mailbox's messages to several recipients automatically.

See Administrator's Guide > Users > § Mail

To-do lists

With BlueMind 3.5 you can now manage tasks in a specific UI and they are synchronized with the calendar.

You can organize tasks in lists and use tags which are shared with other BlueMind applications (contacts and calendar).

You can share to-do lists with your colleagues by giving them basic or full management privileges.

EAS/iOS synchronization


Apple mobile devices synchronized via EAS now include the synchronization of multiple address books: personal and shared.

Only collected contacts and the directory cannot be synchronized.


You can manage all BlueMind tasks (create, edit, confirm...) in your usual iOS app:

For administrators


For subscription-based BlueMind 3.5 installations, the number of BlueMind users must be the same as the number indicated in the subscription.

From version 3.5.11, email addresses can be set as the recipients of subscription alerts (validity date or maximum user quota approaching).

A first address is requested when you install the version. Addresses are then managed from the subscription management page in the admin console.

Command lines 

BlueMind 3.5.10 offers the possibility to install a CLI client (Command Line Interface) which enables you to perform admin tasks for the BlueMind platform in command line without having to write scripts.

In version 3.5.11, this tool includes additional functionalities: user, calendar and contact management.

More advanced administration rights management

Improvements have been made to administration rights which can now be fine tuned for specific users or domain administrators. Rights can now be specifically set for:

  • users
  • groups
  • domain address books
  • domain calendars
  • shared mailboxes
  • resources
  • the domain (quotas, number of users)
  • ...

Restricting the number of domain users

A maximum number of users can now be set for each domain.

For Developers

Client PHP

Avec la version 3.5.11 de BlueMind, est publié le client API PHP.

API Documentation

The BlueMind API has been completely redesigned and is available either directly through HTTP REST calls or using clients (currently Java, Javascript, C#, Python and PHP). The bluemind-samples repository is available and incorporates everything you need to contribute to BlueMind by developing Add-Ons. A maven archetype is also available to facilitate the definition of new projects.

An interactive documentation for our new API REST is imbedded in the installer and can be accessed by users with “Api docs” privileges. This documentation is also published in BlueMind Docs.

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