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This operation is done in the user's web browser. It can therefore be done by users themselves.


BlueMind client applications such as Calendar and Contacts are saved in the client browser's cache so that they can run in offline mode.

This is done by the HTML appcache functionality if it is included in the web browser. The cache refreshes automatically, but it can become corrupted by the browser. As a result it is important to be able to clear the cache to force the browser to upload a recent version of applications.


On this page:


Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to the Firefox preferences page:
    • on Windows: Tools > Options
    • on Linux: Edit > Preferences
    • on Mac OS: Firefox > Preferences
  • Go to the section Advanced > Network tab
  • Select the BlueMind server url from the list of websites allowed to store data for offline use:
  • Click "Remove..."
  • Confirm by clicking "Remove offline data":

Google Chrome

  • Go to the Google Chrome settings page
  • Click Show advanced settings... 

  • In the Privacy section, click Content settings...

  • Click All cookies and site data...

  • Select the BlueMind server url in the "Site" column
  • Click each Application cache button, then click Remove

Apple Safari

  • Go to Safari > Preferences
  • Go to the Privacy section

  • Click Details
  • Select the BlueMind domain for the appropriate server and click Remove

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Available for Microsoft IE 10 and above only.

  • Go to Tools > Security > Delete browsing history (or press Ctrl + Shift + Del)

  • Check the boxes Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
  • Click Delete


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