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This page describes how to change a BlueMind server's IP address.


This description is deliberately minimal as it is reserved to experienced administrators who are familiar with the sensitive operations performed.


  • stop BlueMind using the command: 

    bmctl stop
  • Start postgresql :

    systemctl start postgresql
  • Update the server's network configuration with the new IP address
  • Edit the file /etc/bm/bm.ini , replacing the address of the "host" and "hz-member-address" parameter with the new IP address
  • Update the database information with the following command line:

    sudo -u postgres -i psql -h localhost -U bj -d bj -W -c "update t_server set ip = '<new_ip>' where ip= '<old_ip>';"
    sudo -u postgres -i psql -h localhost -U bj -d bj -W -c "update rc_users set mail_host = '<new_ip>' where mail_host= '<old_ip>';"
    sudo -u postgres -i psql -h localhost -U bj -d bj -W -c "update t_systemconf set configuration = configuration || hstore('host', '<new_ip>' || hstore('hz-member-address', '<new_ip>');"

    Replacing :

    • <old_ip> by the current IP address

    • <new_ip> by the new IP address

    NB : If prompted for a password, type "bj"
  • Edit the /var/backups/bluemind folder structure, renaming the folder /var/backups/bluemind/dp_spool/rsync/<old_ip> with the new IP address
  • Restart BlueMind and the node using the following commands:

    bmctl start
    systemctl restart bm-node
  • Connect to the administration panel superadministrator admin0
  • Go to Security > Manage firewall and click "Save" to force re-generate BlueMind's firewall rules
  • Go to System Management > Manage Messaging System, click "Execute" to regenerate the postfix mail routing table
  • Go to System Management > System Configuration and replace the old IP address in the field "My networks" by the new address of the address range you want to keep as open relay. Click "Save". 
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