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Shared mailboxes, also called "service mailboxes" or "functional mailboxes" are non-user-specific mailboxes: users are connected to them and share the messages they contain.
Users have access to the mailbox and are able to use it depending on their privilege levels:

  • read: users can read messages;
  • write: users can modify (add, delete, move, etc.) messages and write on behalf of the shared mailbox;
  • manage: in edition to being able to modify messages, users are able to manage the mailbox's permissions.

Users can access shared mailboxes through their email client's folder structure (by default: "Shared folders").

For more information, please see user's guide page Les boites aux lettres partagées

Creating shared mailboxes

  • In the "Directories" page, click "Create a shared mailbox"
  • Enter a name for the mailbox, a description (optional) and an email address.


    The name you enter cannot be modified later.
    A shared mailbox does not have to have an email address. In that case, users are able to use it (by moving or copying messages to it, for example) but it cannot be used to send or receive mail.
  • As for any user or group, you can chose to have a mailbox shown in the directory. To do this, check the box "Hide from BlueMind address lists".
  • Validate by clicking "Create" (or pressing <Enter>) to quickly create a mailbox, or "Create and edit" (<Ctrl-Enter>) to create a mailbox and open the mailbox's management page.

Managing shared mailboxes

The mailbox management page has three tabs:

  1. Basic Parameters: contains key settings and vacation responder
  2. Filters: allows you to managed incoming mail filters
  3. Identities: allows you to manage mailbox identities
  4. Sharing: allows you to manage mailbox share options [See User's guide > Mail > Shared Mailboxes].





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