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Perform a full system backup

BlueMind makes every effort to provide reliable updates. In some special untested cases or due to external factors, however, data may be lost unexpectedly. BlueMind may not be held responsible for any possible update failure leading to system corruption.

It is your responsibility to prevent this risk by performing a complete system backup.

Major upgrades of Linux distributions (Debian 7 to Debian 8, etc.) must not be performed using automatic distribution update mechanisms (changing package sources and use of the aptitude dist-upgrade command). This is because BlueMind dependencies may be modified which may impact BlueMind services.

To perform major distribution upgrades, please contact your integrator service provider or contact us via our ticket platform.

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The BlueMind subscription provides a simplified update system which has been tested and saves having to perform a migration procedure.

Updating BlueMind to a corrective or adaptive version is made easier, safer and faster thanks to the graphic admin tool.

Changement de version majeure : migration

La mise à jour de BlueMind lors d'un changement de version majeure (par exemple de v2.x en v3.x ou de v3.0.x en v3.5.x) nécessite un changement des adresses des dépôts logiciels. Le fichier de souscription doit donc être mis à jour afin de pouvoir réaliser le changement de version.

Cette mise à jour BlueMind ne doit pas être réalisée en même temps qu'une mise à jour majeure de distribution (Ubuntu 12.04 vers Ubuntu 16.04 par exemple). Pour une mise à jour majeure de distribution, veuillez contacter votre prestataire intégrateur ou nous contacter via notre plate-forme de tickets.

Pour mettre à jour en version majeure, il est donc nécessaire de contacter l'équipe BlueMind afin d'obtenir un nouveau fichier de souscription.

Pour en savoir plus, vous pouvez consulter la page dédiée à la Migration de BlueMind 3.0 vers BlueMind 3.5.

Update procedure

Prerequisite: access to the setup wizard

In order to perform updates, you must have access to the setup wizard (https://<>/setup) for which you were provided a password at the end of the post-installation process.

In case you lost this password, there are two ways of recovering it:

  1. Before any installation operation: Access the administration console as global administrator admin0 and go to System management > System configuration > "Reverse proxy" tab: enter the new password and save.
  2. Using command line in console mode:
    • connect to the BlueMind server as root and type the following command:

      rm -f /etc/nginx/sw.htpasswd; htpasswd -b -c /etc/nginx/sw.htpasswd admin admin
    • connect to the /setup URL using admin/admin as username/password
      This step is necessary even if you have not reached the update step yet.

Update instructions

Repositories are registered as soon as the subscription is installed, as a result, BlueMind will be updated automatically when the system is updated.

Si vous avez modifié les fichiers de configuration manuellement, assurez-vous d'en faire une sauvegarde.
Pour en savoir plus, voir en Annexes : note sur les fichiers de configuration

Updates are performed using the same command lines as for installation and must be applied to all the devices concerned:

  1. connect to the server as root
  2. enter the commands below, depending on your OS:

    aptitude update
    aptitude upgrade
    yum makecache
    yum upgrade
  3. Using your web browser, go to the setup wizard https://<>/setup:

  4. Click "Update" to start the automatic update process.
    Once this is done, a message informs you that configuration was successful:
    BlueMind is then available at its usual url.

In the event of a problem, errors are logged in bm-core and bm-tomcat files.


About configuration files

The postfix configuration is overwritten during the installation phase only. From then on, this configuration is updated using the command postconf.
Configuration files can be configured as desired, with the following restrictions:

  • deleting BlueMind maps: maps can however be added.
  • editing mynetwork: mynetwork must be edited in the admin console.
  • editing relayhost: relayhost must be edited in the admin console.
Concerning NGinx: the virtual host is overwritten with every update.
All VHosts are disabled during updates. Only BlueMind VHosts (bm-client-access and bm-webmail) are enabled again afterwards. Other virtual hosts may be enabled again, but this must be done as part of the update process, in addition to and to complete the BlueMind update process.
BlueMind's virtual host can also be extended through the /etc/nginx/bm-local.d/*.conf files.


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