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BlueMind – Open Source Solution and Professional Subscription

BlueMind's Open Source Solution

BlueMind offers an Open Source messaging, calendar and contacts solution and new generation collaborative spaces developed by a team of experts in Open Source messaging. BlueMind features streamlined ergonomics, a highly responsive web-based interface, comprehensive mobility management and an enhanced messaging service through collaborative spaces and business rules capabilities. BlueMind's design includes an up-to-date, open architecture: web 2.0, in-browser offline mode, native web services and API that covers 100% of the scope, plugins.

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BlueMind's Professional Subscription

Building upon its Open Source software, BlueMind's professional solution seeks to allow long-term in production use with complete peace of mind.

The professional offering incorporates software versions guaranteed and supported by BlueMind SAS, unlimited software patches and scalable updates. It also includes additional components and tools, making it easier to operate and integrate into an information system.

The professional offering – "BlueMind Subscription" – is the solution you cannot go without to ensure your system remains operational.

Subscription contents 

The BlueMind Subscription includes:

  • The BlueMind Open Source software in guaranteed, supported versions 
  • updates
  • upgrades through new BlueMind versions
  • a graphical update tool 
  • additional components:
    • an Active Directory connector
    • an Outlook synchronization tool

Guaranteed versions with vendor support 

The BlueMind Subscription includes identified, vendor-supported versions with updates and upgrades. 

Update tool

BlueMind's update tool is straightforward, secure and fast so that updates not remain virtual and are applied quickly.  

To ensure scalability, the subscription incorporates a graphical administration tool that enables you to carry out software updates and upgrades. The client can decide when to perform the update and the tool that carries it out.



The BlueMind professional offering brings you specific solutions and tools, specifically:

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