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BlueMind collaborative suite. This is a public shallow export of our internal repository using git subtree. "master" : main development branch ; "release/X.Y" : where the next X.Y.z release will happen. Public releases are tagged with their COM version.


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File Activator.java998 B
File Address.java3.00 KB
File Attachment.java7.04 KB
File Attr.java10.88 KB
File CompressedRTFInputStream.java16.29 KB
File GUID.java4.42 KB
File MAPIProp.java24.19 KB
File MAPIPropName.java4.80 KB
File MAPIProps.java5.86 KB
File MAPIValue.java5.59 KB
File Message.java6.16 KB
File RawInputStream.java20.67 KB
File RendData.java3.54 KB
File TNEFConstants.java1.48 KB
File TNEFInputStream.java6.18 KB
File TNEFUtils.java17.01 KB
File TRPAddress.java3.29 KB