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BlueMind collaborative suite. This is a public shallow export of our internal repository using git subtree. "master" : main development branch ; "release/X.Y" : where the next X.Y.z release will happen. Public releases are tagged with their COM version.


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File bm_check_all.sh267 B
File check.lib930 B
File check_core.sh1.35 KB
File check_dav.sh665 B
File check_disk_usage.sh547 B
File check_eas.sh456 B
File check_es.sh574 B
File check_hps.sh441 B
File check_hz.sh706 B
File check_imap.expect418 B
File check_imap.sh862 B
File check_lmtp.sh515 B
File check_locator.sh456 B
File check_node.sh198 B
File check_sds.sh726 B
File check_smtp.sh900 B
File check_tika.sh537 B
File check_webserver.sh475 B
File check_xmpp.sh466 B
File check_ysnp.sh446 B
File dav_body.xml144 B
File tika_test_file.pdf7.54 KB