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BlueMind collaborative suite. This is a public shallow export of our internal repository using git subtree. "master" : main development branch ; "release/X.Y" : where the next X.Y.z release will happen. Public releases are tagged with their COM version.


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File build_obnam.sh1.35 KB
File cmdtest.control794 B
File cmdtest.rules114 B
File genbackupdata.control971 B
File genbackupdata.rules129 B
File genbackupdata.sh697 B
File obnam.rules114 B
File python-cliapp.control716 B
File python-cliapp.rules129 B
File python-cliapp.sh706 B
File python-coverage-test-runner.control748 B
File python-coverage-test-runner.rules129 B
File python-larch.control1.24 KB
File python-larch.rules129 B
File python-larch.sh730 B
File python-tracing.control1.06 KB
File python-tracing.rules129 B
File python-tracing.sh706 B
File python-ttystatus.control589 B
File python-ttystatus.rules129 B
File README272 B
File summain.control749 B
File summain.rules114 B
File summain.sh685 B