Password expiry policies do not apply to users imported from an AD or LDAP directory.

Domain-wide policy

The administrator can set up a domain-wide automatic password expiry policy – all users will have to update their password after a given period of time.

This policy is set up in the admin console at the domain level – System management > Manage domain > select your domain > General tab

Users will then be forced to change their password:

Individual password management

Whether a domain-wide policy is set up or not, administrators can force-expire a user's password, e.g. when it is suspected to have been compromised.

The administrator can also exclude the user from the domain-wide policy.

In both cases, the administrator has to go to the user's administration page in the admin console – Directories > Directory browser > select the user > Maintenance tab:

Effects for users

Whether the password has expired as a result of the domain-wide policy or an administrator's reset, users are presented with the same request to change their password -- when they try to log into BlueMind using their old password, the window below opens:

Once this form has been filled in and the new password confirmed, the user will be redirected to the BlueMind log in page and they will be able to log in with their new password.