Below are some things you can investigate and monitor when you are having issues with BlueMind synchronization on mobile devices.

Trouble connecting

Symptoms: Connection fails despite correct server and identifier settings

Actions: Make sure the device has permission to connect to the server:

Issues with message synchronization

Symptoms: some folders are missing or inbox contents are not shown

Cause: folder hierarchy is probably corrupt

Actions: you must repair the inbox:

  1. Run check&repair: go to the user's administration card, Maintenance tab, "Validate User" section, click the "Execute" button:
  2. If this doesn't work, and the user continues to encounter the same issues, check the EAS logs (/var/log/bm-eas/eas.log et /var/log/bm-eas/user-eas-<identifiant>.log) and core logs (/var/log/bm/core.log) during check&repair:
    Open a ticket including the information collected if it hasn't enabled you to find the cause and resolve the issues.