BlueMind allows you to export your directory in LDAP format so that it can be viewed and queried by other applications such as an LDAP directory.

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Synchronisation LDAP


  1. Install the packages required on the BlueMind host server:

    aptitude update
    aptitude install bm-plugin-admin-console-ldap-export bm-plugin-core-ldap-export
    yum update
    yum install bm-plugin-admin-console-ldap-export bm-plugin-core-ldap-export
  2. Restart BlueMind:

    bmctl restart
  3. Install the package bm-ldap-role on the server on which you want the LDAP directory to run (which may be the BlueMind server or another separate server)

    aptitude update
    aptitude install bm-ldap-role
    yum update
    yum install bm-ldap-role
  4. Assign the role to the server. To do this:
    • while logged in as admin0, go to the admin console > Application Servers
    • if your are using a separate server that does not exist yet, add it using the button New > Host
    • select the server and go to the "Server roles" tab
    • in the "LDAP Directory" section, check "LDAP master directory created by BlueMind":
  5. Click "Save" to confirm
  6. Next, link this server to the domains as desired.
    To do this, go to the section Domain Management > Manage Domains and:
    • select the domain you want to export in LDAP format
    • go to the "BM Services" tab
    • select the server for the service with the same name "LDAP master directory created by BlueMind":
    • Click "Save" to confirm
    Repeat this process for each domain as required.