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BlueMind is proud to announce the release of its latest Collaborative open-source email suite. This long-awaited version 4 offers exclusive, transparent, 100% Outlook-compatible support to businesses and government who can now reconcile sovereignty and user satisfaction

Only this new version is capable of fully supporting Outlook with no loss of functionality, but also enriches collaboration with other clients such as Thunderbird, web or mobile applications. Find out all about it below, as well as about other improvements and new features which is the result of several years' work


Unquestionably BlueMind's most eagerly awaited feature: comprehensive connector-free Outlook support.

For more information about implementing MAPI support, go to the dedicated BlueMind documentation page: Implementing MAPI for Outlook

For more information about supported Outlook versions and known limitations, please refer to our Compatibility page.

And check out our version notes for more detailed information.


Data handling

To support a greater number of users, BlueMind 4:

  • keeps central directory data and user data separate
  • can have several backend servers defined for user data

To find out more about setting this up, please refer to our dedicated page: Multi-backend installation.

Separate directory and user data

BlueMind 4 keeps directory data (users, groups, etc.) separate from user data.

One database is dedicated to directory data. User data is stored in one or several other databases located on storage servers.

After the authentication phase which uses the directory database, users essentially communicate with their storage server.

User data storage

With BlueMind 3.5, you were able to distribute user mailboxes over several servers.

BlueMind 4 goes even further by enabling you to distribute calendar, address book etc. data on several servers.

All the data for one user (emails, calendars, contacts, etc.) is now stored on the same data storage server.


Fully automatic archiving

Archiving is now completely automatic. 

This makes archiving transparent for users who no longer have to archive manually and the icon for archived messages or the message archiving/dearchiving button – as in previous versions - are gone.

Users no longer have any tedious tasks to perform to lighten their storage load.

Compatible with all email clients

Archiving no longer require a client plugin. It is entirely managed transparently, on the server side.

Archiving works with all email clients (webmail, thick or mobile): whatever the IMAP client, all emails are archived and can be viewed.

To find out more, go to the page: Archiving


BlueMind 4 adds a new email handling brick to the API REST, which you can find out about in our API documentation.

For additional support with add-on or script maintenance, this page now shows version incompatibilities: you can therefore quickly see if your development requires a modification or a version upgrade.

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