This page is no longer being updated. From BlueMind 4.8, please refer to the new BlueMind documentation


The BlueMind API has been completely redesigned and is available either directly via HTTP REST calls or using clients (now Java, Javascript, C#, Python, PHP and .NET). The bluemind-samples repository is available and gathers all that is needed to contribute to BlueMind by developing an Add-On. A maven archetype is also available to facilitate the definition of a new project.

An interactive documentation of our new REST API is embedded in the installer: it is the optional bm-docs package. Once installed, the REST API documentation will be available to users with the "Api docs" right. This documentation is also published in the BlueMind Docs space.

API clients

Java generated client

See the dedicated page: Client Java

python client

See the dedicated page: Client Python

PHP client

See the dedicated page: Client Python

.Net client

The client can be downloaded at this address:

Examples of use

For more information and examples of use, see the following pages:



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